Tim Weiss

He’s baaaack!!  That’s right  -  Sir Tim, aka: Tim Weiss is returning to the 2017 Keim Music Fest to act as Emcee. Emceeing is an important, demanding role requiring a lot of energy, skill, and an outstanding sense of humor, all of which Tim possesses and then some. Tim is a musician, comedian, and actor who has been entertaining and annoying audiences for over 40 years. After graduating from Oley High School and West Chester University with a degree in theatre, he moved to the New York City area where he has done standup and improv comedy, as well as playing rock and folk-rock covers on acoustic guitar with his buddy Paul Bauman. Tim and Paul regularly perform at bars, wineries, parties, and any other venue that will tolerate them. He has also written a few songs and lots of jokes, good and bad. Tim also performs regularly in "Sunday Night Improv" in NYC, and an annual Christmas concert with RPM Singers.